Large Whale Figure

Alaska, USA

Shamanic Amulet / Wand

Old Bering Sea I (Archaic Eskimo)
200 B.C. – 100 A.D.

Carved walrus tooth, wood
Lenght: 6 ½ in. (16.5 cm)

Ex collection Jeffrey Myers, New York

Price: sold

America - Alaska
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This whale figure carved from a fossilized walrus tuck dates back to the 200 BC - 100 AD era. This is an exceedingly rare example of Old Bering Sea I culture (Okvik) animal figure, the long-ago ancestors of present-day Inuit Eskimo.

This whale figure was originally at the tip of a shamanic staff that was probably used for fertility purposes and waved as a prayer for successful hunting expeditions.
This ivory figure of huge proportions (16.5 cm long) has a superb deep brown patina.