Aboriginal peoples


Carved and engraved wood
19th century
Height: 28 ¼ in. (72 cm)

Ex collection Todd Barlin, Sydney

Price: on request

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The origin of the boomerangs coincides with the "Dreamtime", the mythical original times for the Aboriginal peoples of Australia.
The use of sticks or clubs for fighting & hunting goes back thousands of years and has been documented all over the globe among hunter-gatherers societies.
However, the design and use of boomerangs - clubs that were meant to return to the sender - have only been observed on the Australian continent.
Archaic cave representation of people holding boomerangs in their hands have been found in Arnhem Land. In Wyrie Swamp, Southern Australia, three boomerangs have been dated between 9,000 and 10,000 years ago.
There are two types of boomerangs, the " returners " and those intended for hunting (known as " non-returners ").
The vast majority of boomerangs were used for combat. They were also used occasionally for hunting or during ceremonies.