North America

War club & Pipe

Plains Indians

Skullcracker club / Calumet

Stone, wood and hide
19th century
Height: 21 ¼ in. (54 cm)

Ex collection Trevor Barton, UK
Ex private collection, France

Price: on request

America – Plains
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Dual symbols of war (the skull-cracker club) and peace (the calumet pipe), clubs and tomahawks were highly important artefacts in Native American beliefs, warfare and rituals.

This sculpture came from the celebrated collection of Trevor Barton, a prominent London private collector of pipes from the world over. The Pipe Man’. That is how the locals of Portobello and Bermondsey market referred to Trevor barton, the man who regularly trawled the Saturday stalls for a new addition to his ever-growing collection, reflecting over fifty years of passionate pipe collecting. Trevor Barton owned what was arguably the finest, most wide-ranging collection of pipes and smoking memorabilia in the world.
Spending much of his life working abroad, Trevor Barton’s pipes came from all over the world. Having so much to offer he was a valuable member of the exclusive Academie Internationale de la Pipe.