Churinga boards


Churinga votive stones

19th century
Height: 15 ¾ in. (40 cm) & 18 in. (46 cm)

Field-collected by George Aiston (1879 – 1943)
Ex collection Lindsay Black (1886-1959)
Ex collection Black’s Museum, Mt. Gambier, South Australia
Ex collection Wayne Heathcote

Published: Pad London, 2014

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Both churingas were collected prior to the 1940s by George Aiston (1879-1943).
They later belonged to Lindsay Black (1886-1959). L. Black was an important scholar, ethnographer and collector of churingas (Black’s Museum, Mount Gambier), and notably author of « Mystery stones of the Darling River Valley » (Series : Customs of the Aborigines of the Darling River Valley and of Central New South Wales) published in 1942 with descriptions of the 252 (!) stone churingas in the author’s collection.