North America

Edward S. Curtis

Cañon de Chelly - Navaho

Large original photogravure
The North American Indian
Vol. I, Portfolio plate n°28

Dimensions :
Plate: 13 ¾ in. x 17 ¼ in. (35 cm x 44 cm)
Frame: 25¼ in. x 29¼ in. (64.5 cm x 74.5 cm)

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America - Southwest
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This is one of the most iconic photographs by Edward Curtis.
here is Curtis caption :
A wonderfully scenic spot is this in northeastern Arizona, in the heart of the Navaho country - one of their strongholds, in fact.
Cañon de Chelly exhibits evidences of having been occupied by a considerable number of people in former times, as in every niche at every side are seen the cliff perched
ruins of former villages.