Shaman’s Amulet


Ipiutak Culture ou Thule
Archaic Eskimo

Marine Ivory
900 – 1500 A.D.
Height: 6 ¾ in. (17.5 cm)

Ex collection Joe Gerena, New York
Ex private collection, Paris

Price: sold

America - Alaska
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The Ipiutak culture (Archaic Eskimo) flourished north of the Bering Strait nearly two thousand years ago. The art of these nomadic hunters share common traits with the Okvik and successive Old Bering Sea cultures while maintaining their own mystery and identity.
The amulets in the form of chains are a visual reminiscence of the use of metal by their distant ancestors from Siberia. This amulet - a succession of links ending in a figurative element (an arm and a gloved hand) - was carved from a single piece of marine ivory.