North America

Poupée Kachina

Hopi, Arizona, USA

Katsina Ahola
Dieu de la Germination – Kachina Chef

Bois sculpté (cottonwood) et pigments naturels
Années 1900
Hauteur : 48.5 cm

Ex collection Brant Mackley, Santa Fe
Ex collection particulière, Nouveau-Mexique

Prix : vendu

America - Southwest
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Kachina dolls (or katsinam) represent spirits or gods from the pantheon of the Pueblo peoples in the American Southwest. Given to children, kachina dolls constituted a pedagogical tool allowing them to familiarize themselves with the spiritual world and perpetuating knowledge of the founding myths on which their society was based.

Ahola is among the most important Chief Kachinas. He is one of the spirits opening the Kachina season during the Powamu ceremonial dance. Ahola is known and revered for his wisdom. His appearances are seen as prayers for a long and fruitful life.

This kachina figure with articulated arms is distinguished by its exceptional size and power of evocation.