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Kachina doll

Hopi, Arizona, U.S.A.

Angwusnasomtaka Katsina
Crow Mother Kachina doll

Carved wood (cottonwood), natural pigments, feathers
Circa 1920s
Height: 14 ¼ in. (36 cm)

Ex collection Frank McNitt (1912-1972)
Ex collection Barry Walsh

Price: sold

America - Southwest
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Kachina dolls (or katsinam) represent spirits or gods from the pantheon of the Pueblo peoples in the American Southwest. Given to children, kachina dolls constituted a pedagogical tool allowing them to familiarize themselves with the spiritual world and perpetuating knowledge of the founding myths on which their society was based.

This rare 1920s crow Mother kachina doll formerly belonged to Frank McNitt, a renowned author and spécialiste of Southwest cultures. His most famous books are: “Richard Wetherill – Anasazi: Pioneer Explorer of Southwestern Ruins” & “Navajo Wars: Military Campaigns Slave Raids and Reprisals”