Paris Tribal

26-29 November, 2020

8 rue des Beaux-Arts, 75006, Paris, France
Website: ParisTribal.com

Thematic exhibition "In the Arctic…"
Ancient Eskimo Arts

Opening November 26th, 5pm - 9pm
Event until November 29th, 11am - 7pm

Antique works of art from Alaska, born of archaic North American Eskimo cultures, are exceedingly rare. Over 30 sculptures representing human or animal figures, veritable “miniature giants”, along with shamanic masks will be exhibited at the Galerie Flak starting on November 26th 2020 on the occasion of Paris Tribal.

Archaic Eskimo art – whose oldest sculptures excavated from the frozen permafrost go back nearly 2,500 years – conceals poetry, mystery and a power of evocation that are unique.

Stylization of features, alliance of naturalism and symbolism, sculptural finesse, sobriety and a hieratic quality – these are the key features characterizing this several thousand years old aesthetic style, whose parallels with modern art are striking.

These sculptures and masks with their vibrant souls, veritable « gifts from the ancestors », to use the title of the 2009 Princeton exhibition, have managed to transcend time and space to inspire us in the present day.

It is this inexhaustible source of emotion and evocation that we wish to show through our new exhibition